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The issues and legal cases that involve family matters can significantly vary from moderate to extremely complex. Sometimes, it can be hard to decipher where you fall on the spectrum. And trying to figure it out on your own can be exhausting and stressful. But, regardless of where you fall, you should not attempt to solve your family matter without the assistance of a professional family law attorney at your side. An attorney who is seasoned in family law area of practice can prove invaluable to your case.

The reality is that even moderate family matters can escalate quickly. When you are facing a divorce, child custody dispute, visitation rights altercation, or other family law concerns, emotions usually run high, and disagreements or any form of contention can rapidly unravel your situation into a worse predicament. Losing control of your situation can have dire repercussions. It may become more difficult to reel in civil agreements, terms, and settlements. Without the right legal guidance to help you, you could be battling a family law matter for years with no solution in sight.

At New York Family Law Group, we are dedicated to providing our clients and their families with exceptional legal services.

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Divorce is a tidal wave that brings a myriad of family issues to the shore. And once that wave comes crashing down, you will need a proficient family law attorney to expertly advise you on your specific case. At New York Family Law Group, finding the right solution for you is our main priority. We are confident in our ability to help you and your family transition into the next phase of your lives.

We not only specialize in divorce, child custody, and visitation, we handle all family law related cases including adoption, child support, alimony, guardianship, and more. At New York Family Law Group, family Law is what we do best.

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"My experience with my Attorney Mr. Mohr was EXTREMELY WONDERFUL.  He is an excellent Attorney to hire for Family Court Cases. I hired him one year ago & currently still have him as my Attorney on my Family Court cases here in the Bronx, New York.  Mr. Mohr & his Law Firm are very Understanding  & Respectful. Thank you Mr. Mohr for continuing to help me with my legal case. I APPRECIATE it!!"

Former clienT

"Anyone who is need of legal help should come here first! Martin is a professional and is responsive. He gives all the information you need to put you in a better head space when it comes to making a legal decision.  A session with him is in your best interest if you need help and have questions regarding your legal matter.  I will contact him again if I'm ever in need of his services. Much appreciated sir Thank you!!"

Emmanuel Grant| Former Client

"Attorney Steward listened to my story and strongly represented my interests. He was courteous and responsive during the interactions and explained my choices to me in an understandable way, making sense of a very confusing system. He was able to prevail and achieve the outcome I needed, using his legal knowledge and communication skills. I cannot say enough about how he assisted me."

Suzanne | Former Client

"I would definitely recommend Mr. Mohr as an attorney he takes his time to overlook and view the case and also does his BEST. I’m very happy with the service I received from Mr. Mohr and his law firm."

Francisco G.| Former Client

"[Ethan] was very attentive and fought for everything I wanted kept me informed all the time and made me feel like I was family."

Uton | Former clienT

"Once Ethan got to analyzing my case, he was surgical. He broke down for me what I could expect in a very forthright, organized, and easy-to-understand manner. Then he went out and aggressively fought for me, getting better results than I expected. Finally, as he'll tell you over and over, his word means a great deal to him. It's important for me to be able to trust my lawyer, so his honesty throughout my cases really meant a lot to me."

Former clienT
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