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With the help of our attorneys, you can protect your interests and your family.

At New York Family Law Group, our experienced legal team understands that child custody and visitation matters can be emotionally challenging and complex. And as dedicated child custody and visitation lawyers in the Bronx, NY, we’re committed to providing comprehensive legal representation that puts your family’s best interests first.

Child Custody Attorney: Advocating for Your Parental Rights

When it comes to child custody disputes, it’s crucial to have a skilled child custody lawyer by your side. Thankfully, our team at New York Family Law Group has a deep understanding of the intricate laws and regulations governing child custody in the Bronx, NY. And with our knowledge and experience, we’re prepared to fiercely advocate for your parental rights and guide you through every step of the legal process.

New York City Child Custody Lawyer - Child Custody & Visitation

In New York, there is a presumption that joint custody is in the best interests of the child, unless there is evidence to the contrary. Joint custody is when both parents share legal and/or physical custody of the child. In cases where joint custody is not possible, the court will award one parent sole custody, which means that parent has both legal and physical custody of the child.

If you are seeking representation in a child custody case, our top-rated NYC child custody lawyers can help. We may also be able to help you understand what qualifies as child neglect in NY. Our team of experienced attorneys for child custody has years of experience representing clients in custody disputes.

In addition to child custody and visitation, our firm also provides representation in other areas of family law, including divorce, spousal support, and property division. If you have questions about child custody or any other family law matter, contact us today. We serve clients throughout New York City and the surrounding counties.

With the help of our New York City family law attorneys, you can protect your interests and your family. 

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Guiding You Through Various Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody arrangements can take various forms, depending on the unique circumstances of each case. As your dedicated child custody lawyer, we’ll work closely with you to determine the most suitable arrangement for your family’s needs. Our team has extensive experience in handling cases involving:
1. Sole Custody: If sole custody is awarded, one parent will have primary physical and legal custody of the child. Our child custody lawyers will help you present a compelling case that prioritizes the child’s best interests while considering your rights as a parent.
2. Joint Custody: In joint custody arrangements, both parents share physical and legal custody of the child. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy communication and cooperation between parents in order to secure a beneficial outcome for all parties involved.
3. Legal Custody: Legal custody refers to the right to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, including education, healthcare, and religious practices. Our child custody lawyers will assist you in presenting a strong case that highlights your ability to make informed decisions in the child’s best interests.

Visitation Lawyer: Securing Meaningful Parent-Child Relationships

Visitation rights are crucial for both noncustodial parents and children. And as experienced visitation lawyers, we understand the significance of fostering a meaningful parent-child relationship even when physical custody is granted to one parent. With this in mind, our team will help you navigate the complexities of visitation arrangements and ensure that your rights as a parent are protected.

What Is The Difference Between NY Child Custody And Child Visitation?

There are two distinct forms of child custody: physical custody and legal custody.

Legal custody refers to which parent has the right to make “major decisions” about the child’s life, such as healthcare, schooling, religion, and so on. New York courts typically presume that parents will share “joint legal custody” and make these decisions together. But in some cases, one parent may be given sole legal custody on a case-by-case basis.

Physical custody is separate from legal custody. It refers to the parent who has responsibility for their physical needs (food, shelter, etc), as well as the time each parent is entitled to spend with the child.

In joint physical custody, parents share equal time with the child. If the child lives with one parent more than 50% of the time, that parent is typically referred to as the “primary custodian,” or “physical custodian.” The other parent then has certain “parenting time” and “visitation” rights that will be set forth by the court.

At New York Family Law Group, child custody lawyer Martin Mohr and our team of NY custody and child support attorneys may be able to help.

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Type of CustodyDefinition
Legal CustodyRefers to the parent’s right to make major decisions about the child’s life, including healthcare, schooling, and religion.
Physical CustodyRefers to the parent who has responsibility for the child’s physical needs, as well as the time each parent is entitled to spend with the child.
Joint Legal CustodyBoth parents share the right to make major decisions about the child’s life.
Sole Legal CustodyOne parent has the exclusive right to make major decisions about the child’s life.
Joint Physical CustodyParents share equal time with the child.

Negotiating Custody Agreements and Representing You in Court

At New York Family Law Group, we’re adept at guiding our clients through mediation and negotiations in order to reach fair custody agreements. However, when litigation becomes necessary, our skilled child custody and visitation lawyers will provide robust representation in court. We’ll zealously advocate for your rights while keeping your child’s well-being at the forefront.


How Does New York Custody Law Determine Child Custody?

Child custody is determined by the court, based on the “best interest” of the child. A lot of factors can be considered, like the child’s preferences, the income and stability of both parents, the safety and home environment each parent can provide, and other such details.

If both parents agree on certain custody terms and the court approves, custody can also be determined by this agreement. This is often a faster and simpler way to resolve the issue and decide the custody of the children.

It is important to seek the help of a New York child custody lawyer in dealing with matters involving child custody, child support, and visitation. NYFLG’s team of NY family law attorneys in New York City is ready to assist you. Call our law firm today to schedule a consultation.

The Legal Obligation of a Judge in Child Custody Matters

A judge has the legal obligation to ensure the best interests of the child in any case. When a judge reviews a mediated parenting plan, they have to consider the factors surrounding the divorce and ensure that the children’s emotional and physical well-being are protected. Mediation allows divorcing spouses to utilize their personal connections with their lifestyles, children’s needs, as well as other factors, to craft a parenting plan that suits everyone.

A judge will consider several factors when deciding child custody and visitation. One parent may not be allowed legal custody if they have a history of domestic violence or drug abuse. They may have only limited access to their children until they are no longer considered a threat to the children. A judge will likely seek a joint custody arrangement that gives the children equal access to both parents if they are both reasonable, competent, and caring.

Child custody, child support, and visitation can be very complicated to navigate. If you are looking for legal advice regarding child visitation in New York, our team of attorneys may be able to assist you in creating a custody arrangement that works for the children and the whole family.

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Child Custody Lawyers Discuss Modification of Child Custody

Yes. The typical requirement for modifying a custody order is showing a “substantial change in circumstances” for one parent or the child since the custody agreement was established. In addition, some custody orders can be modified without going back to court if the parties agree to the modification. A substantial change in circumstances is something one or both parents could not anticipate at the time the order was issued.  There are many variables as to what would be considered a substantial change in circumstance, which is why it is important to speak with an attorney.

NY child visitation attorney Martin Mohr and his team of child custody lawyers may be able those who need legal advice on the custody of their children. Call our skilled NY lawyers today at (718) 293-1542 to schedule a consultation about child custody law and family law. 

Can A Parent With Custody Relocate With Their Children?

In general, you are not permitted to move away from NY if you have legal or physical custody of a child unless you have the full permission of the non-custodial parent, or obtain permission from the court to do so.

You also must have a good reason to relocate – typically, a “change of scenery” or even marrying a new spouse are not compelling reasons. In contrast, employment reasons or a medical reason for relocation may be more compelling causes for relocation.

To relocate, you must either obtain consent from the non-custodial parent or file a petition and request a court hearing. In a court hearing, the court will consider your reasons for relocation and the best interest of the children.

The court will weigh the benefits and reasons for relocation against the children’s relationship with the parent, grandparents, other relatives, school, community, and other relevant factors. The further away you plan to move, the more difficult it can be to win this case.

If you are looking to relocate as a custodial parent, it is important to speak with an experienced New York child custody attorney. A skilled lawyer may be able to help you create a parenting schedule that can work for both you and your ex-spouse. Having a lawyer can also help you answer questions that you may have regarding the process.

At NYFLG, child support attorneys Ethan Steward and Martin Mohr along with our team of NY attorneys are experienced in helping divorce parents ensure that their parenting schedule is in the best interest of their children.

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When Can a Custody Order Be Modified?

In order to request a modification of a custody order, a parent must demonstrate a significant change in circumstances. Such changes can involve the parent or the child and must be substantial. Examples of such changes include alterations in child care arrangements, the child expressing a desire to modify the order (if they are 12 or older), the child’s safety being at risk due to a parent’s actions or an unsafe home environment, the child being diagnosed with special needs or a serious illness, or significant changes in the child’s schedule or schooling.

Other factors that may warrant a modification include one parent refusing to communicate or interfering with scheduled parenting time, instances of abuse or domestic violence, a parent not complying with the court order, relocation of a parent, a parent moving in with a new partner, a parent facing criminal charges, significant income changes, or the development of substance abuse or serious illness.

However, courts are generally hesitant to revisit custody orders soon after issuance unless there is a serious issue like child abuse or endangerment. Judges are unlikely to consider hasty petitions unless the child’s safety is genuinely at risk. It is advisable to seek the guidance of an attorney who can assess the situation and determine the appropriate time to seek court intervention.

Unfit parents can be defined in multiple ways in New York. An unfit parent could be someone who is struggling with substance abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. They are known to engage in harmful and dangerous behavior around the child. If the parent puts the child into dangerous situations, it could be an indication of unfitness.

These are examples of unfit parenting:

  • Poor supervision of the child
  • Not providing the basic needs of the child
  • The child is at risk of dangerous situations or safety hazards
  • The child’s other parent is known for hanging out with criminals or gang members.

At New York Family Law Group, our team understands how a divorce affects children. Especially with an unfit parent, it can be very complicated to navigate a child custody case.  A skilled lawyer may be able to help you understand your rights and responsibilities in a child custody and visitation case.

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How To Prove That A Parent Is Not Fit for The Children

Even though a parent might have seen or known of unfit behavior, the evidence must be established to bring about legal consequences. A judge must be capable of determining if a parent has been unfit on the basis of evidence in a custody case.

Some evidence that may help the court determine the ineligibility of a parent could include:

  • Testimony of witnesses
  • Video documentation
  • Physical injuries and mental problems are documented in medical reports
  • Text messages, voicemails, or emails.
  • Alcohol and drug testing
  • Criminal records

If you have doubts about whether your child is at risk while with their parent, don’t hesitate to inform the court. Your child’s safety and well-being are your top priority.

After the evidence is collected, paperwork needs to be filed. It is best to have an attorney explain what documentation is. Legally serve the paperwork to the other parent. This will allow them to defend themselves.

Child custody and visitation are often the most contentious issues that must be worked out between divorcing spouses. It’s extremely important to make the right decision and provide the proper accommodations for your child’s welfare and overall well-being as they grow up.

New York Family Law Group is here to help you navigate this process and seek the custody and visitation rights you deserve.

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Possible Issues When Creating Child Visitation Agreement

Similar to custody, parties can collaborate to create a visitation plan. With the right guidance and circumstances, this process can be smooth and can result in better relations with the children. However, some people may find the issue of visitation very contentious.

The creation of a visitation agreement involves many different considerations. Any of the following could lead to dispute.

  • Creation of a schedule for visitation that is mutually agreeable
  • Transfer of the child from one parent to the other
  • Communication between the parents
  • Parental responsibilities in parenting time

There are no one-size fits all visitation arrangement. Given the complexity of visitation proceedings in New York, you might find it helpful to speak with an experienced family lawyer to guide you.

At New York Family Law Group, we understand that child custody is often one of the most contentious issues in divorce proceedings. Our child custody lawyers in New York City have extensive experience representing parents in all types of custody disputes, including those involving joint custody arrangements.

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Seek the Help of an Experienced Child Custody Attorney In New York

If you’re facing child custody and visitation issues in the Bronx, NY, our team of experienced child custody lawyers are here to support you. With our compassionate and knowledgeable approach to family law, we’ll work tirelessly to protect your family’s best interests. So contact New York Family Law Group today to schedule a consultation, and take the first step towards a favorable resolution. 

Navigating child custody and visitation laws can be very complicated. It can be overwhelming especially when you are dealing with a contested divorce. At New York Family Law Group, we have assembled a team of experienced child custody attorneys in New York. With the help of our team, you can protect your rights and the interests of your child.

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