Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Ex?

Last updated on July 8, 2022

Well it is that time of year! Love is in the air. Everyone is thinking about what to get their significant others and special family members for Valentine’s Day. However, unless you has a very special relationship with your ex, of course you are NOT going to be having a romantic dinner and exchanging gifts with him or her.

But what about you children? Chances are they are learning from their parents how to express their love and gratitude for those special loved ones from you! Even at a young age children pick up on verbal cues and interactions they see and hear from you and others. While some call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday, we would like to believe that this may in fact be a good way to put an exclamation on this special day.

While you certainly won’t be spending time picking out a card for your ex you may want to help your child pick out a card for their mom or dad. It does a lot to show your ex that you want to teach your children the values and proper expressions of love they may have for another human being.

Your relationship with you ex may not have worked out the way you had hoped for but don’t allow the feelings against your ex be a negative representation to even this Hallmark holiday.So when you are picking up the mini valentines day cards with the stickers and candy your children will be exchanging with their school classmates take a few minutes to celebrate Valentines day with your ex…sort of.

The NYC divorce lawyers at the New York Family Law Group wishes a Happy Valentines Day to everyone.



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