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Martin Mohr and Ethan Steward, our founders and partners, are passionate family lawyers with more than 30 years of combined experience in New York family law. With the help of our attorneys, you can protect your interests and your family.

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Family Law Consultations & Strategy Sessions

Our in person and virtual Family Law Strategy Sessions offer a deep exploration of your case specifics to answer preliminary questions, determine what legal steps are needed, if any, and help you achieve the legal result you need.

During our strategy session, we will review paperwork related to your case in advance of the meeting. Then, in the session we will be able to provide a road map for you moving forward, give details about any possible fees, and help you prioritize all of your available options.

What Is A Family Law Strategy Session?

The process of finding and hiring a lawyer for a family law matter or a divorce seems relatively easy. Ask some friends or family for someone they know, research your choices online using Google, look at a handful of attorney directories and read their reviews, meet with the attorney and hire them. Right.

Maybe. When you are looking for an attorney or law firm to represent you most people realize how important this stage is to your case. The process of finding that firm is the foundation of your legal matter. If the initial consultation is missing an attorney with the ability to provide you with the knowledge you need to educate you with the information and analysis you need, you are not ready to build on your foundation and move forward in a productive manner. If this stage is not carefully considered, it may lead to faulty starts, unnecessary delays, wasted funds and even affect the outcome of your case.

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How Does A Family Law Strategy Session Work?

  • When you a ready to meet with a qualified family lawyer for your session contact us by phone or our website.
  • Someone from the firm will contact you to confirm your appointment date, time and location.
  • Promptly complete our secure online client questionnaire.
  • We will prepare for your session by looking at your questionnaire and drafting documents necessary for our meeting.

You can see a list of frequently asked questions about strategy sessions below. If you are not ready or unsure of whether a strategy session is for you, we encourage you to call our office for more information.

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Strategy Session FAQs

In the past, we offered free consultations. However, we realized that free consultations didn’t give our clients enough of what they actually needed. Over the years, it has become very common for law firms and attorneys to offer “free consultations”. The primary focus is usually to “sell’ the attorney and their firm to a potential client.

Not all consultations were created equal. Generally, a simple free consultation allows the firm to introduce potential new clients to the type of help they can offer and likely did not provide any legal advice or answer your questions. Unfortunately, it left very little time, if any, to do what we were contacted for–Answer your questions!

How do we know? Because we have seen it and that is the way it used to be. But we have decided to change the way the legal community competes for people who are looking for attorneys. We want to offer you something of value. Something you can leave our office with to help you with your legal problem. We confidently know that by offering paid consultations and strategy sessions, we can better provide for the needs of the people seeking our help. by actually giving the legal help or advice we were contacted for in the first place. We are confident enough that if we are a good fit for your legal matter you will want us on your side that we will even give you the materials and questions you need in your search for the right firm.

The best questions are the ones you have prepared in advance of our session. Before we speak, take some time to write your questions down. Think about what you need information for us to answer for you.

Yes. You are purchasing a family law consultation & strategy session for your legal matter and will receive advice specific to your circumstances.

Yes. Our office will ask you to complete an electronic client questionnaire. Please carefully read, review, and fill out that form. We ask that any paperwork you provide to us be collected and organized so we don’t spend valuable time doing so. You can also send your paperwork to us before we talk.

You can visit our homepage and fill out our questionnaire and a preliminary review of that information to qualify whether you might need one. You can also opt to take advantage of our 15-minute phone consultation for only $39. We will offer you an alternative if you need something else.

If you throw us a curveball we have not seen yet we will gladly refund your money. If we think we can get you an answer quickly, we will ask you if we can research the legal issue at no cost to you. We will reschedule the session

We understand life happens, however, we pre-book our appointments so please respect our time and we will respect yours. If you are running late, please call the office immediately, we will do our best to accommodate you for the remaining time. You can reschedule an appointment with 48-hour advance notice.

Yes. Our legal fees are not one size fits all. The fee quote will be customized to your case. This fee quote will be for the initial retainer deposit and the cost for your court appearances. We cannot give you a fee quote for what the entire case will cost. There can be a lot of variables that make it unrealistic. Based on your case we will tell you what the variables will likely affect the total cost of your case.

There is no obligation to hire us if you have a consultation session, however, should we believe that we can help you with your legal matter and you chose to work with us we will provide you with a fee quote and send out a written legal services contract for you to review.

In most cases, if you determine to sign a retainer with us within 48 hours after our session, we will reduce your quoted retainer fee (a deposit you pay us if you hire us) by the amount of the session. Rather than paying the retainer amount in full, we deduct that consultation or strategy fee deposit the amount you already paid for the strategy session. For example, if you paid $150.00 for a strategy session and the retainer would normally be $2,750 to hire us, your retainer deposit becomes $2,600 instead. We do this on most hourly rate matters. It is similar to getting the strategy session for free.

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