Child Custody

How Should You Participate When Your Child Participates?

Last updated on June 14, 2022

Do your kids play sports? Dance or do ballet? Run track?
If your children play sports or participate in competitive group activities with other children this a must see video for you. Knowing how your children want you to participate at these types of events is very revealing once you hear what they have to say. This can also provide insight on how to co-parent during your parenting time. Whether you plan on attending a sporting on your own or your ex shows up, creating a positive and supportive environment where kids can excel should be your goal. Pardon the pun.So go to your activities, support you child and their friends, enjoy the event and most of all the ice cream afterwards!Jaime Neefs, a kinesiology graduate, and child life specialist has used her 20+ years playing experience to coach and referee youngsters. Follow Jaime on Twitter, @_JaimeNeefs


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