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Co-Parenting During The Holidays

Last updated on July 7, 2022

The holidays often come with a whole list of events – special events, performances, family obligations, shopping, and crazy schedules to manage. Juggling between family responsibilities and holiday events can be overwhelming to just anyone. Before you make any decisions, it is important to speak with a knowledgeable divorce lawyer.

This experience may become even more stressful for separated or divorced parents with children. Without a mutually acceptable holiday plan, the most wonderful time of the year can turn out to be anything but wonderful.

Despite how one parent may feel about the other, the most important thing this holiday season is to ensure that the kids enjoy a happy and stress-free time with family. Here are some helpful tips to help make this holiday special for the kids as you co-parent.

Create a Holiday Co-Parenting Plan

Having a holiday schedule can help simplify things and avoid potential arguments. However, you should ensure that this plan works for everyone, including your kids.

If you created a holiday plan some years back, you may consider revising it because what worked for your child when five years old won’t make sense when they get older. When you want to modify your holiday co-parenting program, you may need to seek the legal advice of an experienced child custody lawyer from the New York Family Law Group.

Talk To Your Children

If your children are old enough to understand your unique family dynamic, engage them in the holiday planning process. Let them have a say in what they would like to do to celebrate the holidays and where. Knowing your children’s opinions can give you a basic idea and help you plan a child-centric holiday. Plus, preparing the children in advance will make them more comfortable and happy when the holidays roll around.

Split Time Equally

Another great way to let your kids get the most out of the holiday is to split time in a way that lets you and your former partner have a positive holiday experience with the people you love most. However, this arrangement can be different depending on the circumstances surrounding your divorce.

For example, if you both live several miles away from each other or even in different countries, it may be pretty hard to split time equally. In such situations, you can agree with your ex-partner to alternate custody periods or come up with something else that works for both of you.

Coordinate Gifts

You and your former spouse should discuss every detail about the holiday before it rolls around. Specifically, you could plan and coordinate gifts. Decide on the number of gifts you intend to buy, money limits, and what items should be avoided. That way, you can avoid overspending and set clear expectations for what is acceptable as a gift.

Need A New York Family Law Attorney For Co-Parenting Advice? We Can Help

At New York Family Law Group, we wish you and your family nothing but the best this holiday season. However, we understand that the holidays can be difficult for many families. If you have questions about visitation, parenting time, child custody, or parenting plans, we encourage you to give our office a call at (718)-293-1542 or contact us online.



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