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Trick Or Treat Tips For Divorced Parents

Last updated on September 18, 2023

Halloween is right around the corner, and your kids are likely excited about the spooky costumes and tasty treats to come. But if you and your spouse are newly divorced, the thought of co-parenting during a holiday can be downright terrifying – especially if you are still working through underlying divorce issues. Before you make any decisions, it is important to contact an experienced family law attorney.

If you have established parenting time in your divorce process, now is the time to embrace your newfound co-parenting roles and keep the spirit of holiday celebrations high. New York Family Law Group has created a list of trick-or-treat tips to help you and your ex-spouse make the upcoming Halloween special for your kids. Keep reading to learn more.

Plan Ahead

Planning the Halloween celebrations ahead of time can help eliminate unnecessary drama and make everyone comfortable. Talk to your ex-spouse about your plans and develop a flexible schedule to accommodate both of you. The most important thing is to protect your children’s interests and ensure they have the best trick-or-treat experience during the Halloween season.

Make Halloween a Group Event

If trick or treating with your ex-spouse and kids gives you goosebumps, you can make the event a group affair. Form a group with other parents in the neighborhood to go trick-or-treating together and invite your ex-spouse. This can help relieve the pressure or tension that can build up if you hold the event with your former spouse.

Making Halloween a group affair doesn’t just reduce the awkwardness of having to spend the night in silence with your ex-spouse, it also makes your kids happy knowing they will celebrate with friends and both of their parents.

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Incorporate Other Halloween Events

There are a dozen exciting events happening around the Halloween season. While trick-or-treating may be the highlight, incorporating other Halloween events can introduce a new level of fun. This may include school Halloween parties, haunted houses, and more. If trick-or-treating together as a divorced family isn’t possible, you can find more creative ways to celebrate this holiday separately with your young ones.

Share the Night

Another great way to keep the little smiles is by sharing the Halloween night. Nothing will excite your kids more than receiving double candy treats. Based on your schedule and preferences, you can plan the night trick or treating in your house or your ex-spouse’s neighborhood and then arrange to have your children trick or treat in the other household later.

Trick-or-Treat Together

While you may no longer have a coordinating family costume, it can still be beneficial for children to see their parents support one another, even for one night. Without asking your children to choose between you and your ex, you can ask them for their input about which neighborhood they would like to trick-or-treat in. 

Both parents can reach an agreement on the time and place for trick-or-treating. You can tell your children about your Halloween plans together and tell them that you’re so happy to be able to share this activity with your ex-spouse.

You can still share the joy of trick-or-treating together if you are unable to go with your children at the same time. For example, your ex can take the children out for an hour, and have the other parent accompany them for the next hour. This will show the children that their parents are willing to cooperate and may reduce any tension.

Keep in mind that trick-or-treating is a short but unforgettable experience for children. Parents can protect this special time and improve family dynamics, even if you have had a difficult history. Don’t be too strict, relax, pay attention to your children and remember that this is a special time in the life of your child.

Need Guidance on Your Co-parenting Responsibilities? We Can Help

It can feel stressful to celebrate Halloween or other holidays when you’re co-parenting, especially if you and your ex-partner are newly divorced or have underlying problems. However, you don’t have to interfere with your children’s fun as a result of any conflict you have with your ex-spouse. With a little bit of planning, you can have a fun-filled, enjoyable Halloween night with your children.



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